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Rejoice Pet Salon offers a huge selection of pet accessories and apparels. Our products are high quality and made to be comfortable to your loved ones. Come into our store to see what we have to offer!

Our Salon standard shampoo will give your pet the most relaxing and professional salon experience at home:

Ultimate Shampoo: The highly concentrated ultimate Shampoo adds volume and luster to coats while removing tough dirt and odors. Fantastic value pet shampoo dilutes 50:1. It is for pets with any color and safe for puppies and kittens over six weeks old.

Alpha White Shampoo: alpha White shampoo is a deep-cleaning formula that brightens and enhances white coats or marking. Humenctant and emolliebent-rich formula make the coat brighter that can be used regularly for show ring results. Dilutes 32:1.

Oat Mella Shampoo: soothes as it cleans!! Nature colloidal oatmeal, melaleuca(tea tree oil) and aloe help to heal skin as well as eliminate odors arising from skin irritation. Leaves a pleasant grape scent. Dilutes 8:1.

Hypo-Plus Shampoo: Professional, hypoallergenic shampoo is tearless and fragrance free. Deep cleans all coat types and is especially great for kittens puppies or those with sensitive skin. Dilutes 15:1.

The Solution Detangler/Conditioner is a gentle, all-natural pet conditioner formula with no harsh chemicals. Versatile conditioner is effective on a wide range of coat types.